— Guise and Dolls figurative sculpture class




AVATAR Figurative Sculpture Class with Melissa Ichiuji

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6 week session
October 22 - November 26, 5-8 pm

Grace Episcopal Church 6507 Main St.
The Plains, VA

In this 6 week class participants will have a hands-on opportunity to work with one of the DC areas most dynamic sculptors, Melissa Ichiuji, known for her visceral, emotionally charged, and doll-like sculptures. Ichiuji will demonstrate her method of building a figure from the inside out using found materials, textiles, and meaningful artifacts. Participants will use movement, sketching and guided visualization to unlock the body and mind and learn techniques to create a uniquely personal AVATAR sculpture.

The cost for the class is $200. Materials not included. Space is limited. Register now.

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Doll making marries beautifully the rigor of fine art, the freedom of play and the healing power of self reflective object making.

This class invites participants to draw inspiration from personal history, memories, and desires to be used in their creative process. Through journaling, sketching and discussion, each student will choose a theme for their portrait and then learn basic techniques for building armatures and joining soft materials and found objects to create a uniquely, personal, sculpture.

Melissa Ichiuji teaches group classes, workshops, and private sessions. Contact Melissa at