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Melissa Ichiuji creates sculptures that are stunningly confident, bold, aggressive, playful, and original, full of sexual puns and possible allusions to larger traditions of Surrealist and contemporary works.

She thinks deeply about the conceptual and emotional resonance of her works in the context of the long history of Dadaist and Surrealist work, the histories of sexual representation in art and popular culture, and the connections with her experiences in dance and performance. Her sculptures are at once intimate, personal, and playful, and prompts for recognizing some of our deepest psychosexual fantasies and repressions. Many of Melissa Ichiuji’s childlike doll figures are also emblems of play, prompting us to recall what having a body was like when there weren’t any adults around to police appropriate behavior. - Martin Irvine, Associate Professor Georgetown University

Melissa Ichiuji at her studio in Virginia.

Melissa Ichiuji at her studio in Virginia.


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International Representation: Galerie Sophie Scheidecker