AUTOFICTION a Collection

This work will be exhibited at Galerie Polaris in Paris as part of the exhibition “Autofiction a Collection ” from September 11- October 4, 2015

The following excerpt has been translated from French:

“The self-portrait possible of Parisian collector Ramus Del Rondeaux “Autofiction a collection” will bring together more than one hundred works from his personal collection, creation of his contemporaries to the ancient times, sometimes millennia.
For over ten years, with a spontaneous and sensual writing, Ramus del Rondeaux has engaged in an intimate conversation with one of his favorite addictions: the collection. And it is at home in his Paris home that singular writing is visible from all sides works are hereby give is to read, everything has to be right there in front of his eyes, and he at once ” orchestreur ” voyeur and reads an endless round, where each work is a caring companion, a mysterious echo of his most secret questions.”

February 22, 2016

Source: Galerie Polaris, Paris, France