Artist Statement

I decided that for 16 weeks I would try to do something that I thought I couldn’t. I wanted to stop being so dependant on external things for comfort and security.

I wanted to break patterns of behavior, attachment and consumption that, over the years, had become automatic responses to anxiety and boredom.

Beginning January 1st, 2005 I slowly began to wean myself from my biggest addictions and dependencies. These things included:

Coffee Medication Television
Make-Up Movies Fast Food
Alcohol Chocolate Magazines
Meat Music Color
Cell Phones E-Mail Driving
Soda Sex Books
Newspaper Family Friends
Appliances Speech Clocks
Shoes Shelter Food

As the project progressed I decided that I would see how far I could simplify. I wanted to face my biggest fears concerning isolation and poverty.

For the last week of this project I lived in a tent, in my back yard, with only the bare essentials for survival. I will spend the last 36 hours sitting on a platform, in public isolation, with a blanket and liquids for hydration.



The images below were taken daily and posted live during the performance. The platform images were taken during the last 36 hours.