Catalogue for “Pieces Uniques” New Sculptures by Melissa Ichiuji

Catalogue for “Pieces Uniques” New Sculptures by Melissa Ichiuji

29 pages. Edition of 100.

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Press Release for this exhibition

Between June 1st and July 28th, 2018, Galerie Sophie Scheidecker invites you to enter the singular universe of American artist Melissa Ichiuji. A universe shaped since her childhood, which she has since invaded with her sculptures: dolls of hand-stitched fabric. Elegant, colorful or dark, in balance, contorted, sad, naive, they can embody danger, love, passion, sensuality, eroticism, fear, horror. Made of vintage fabric and found objects: wood, pearls, crystals, furs, these dolls, childhood memories, become sculptures. Unique pieces, these dolls are staged and articulated by the artist to question, denounce, tell. If Melissa Ichiuji is best known for her fabric sculptures, she also explores a different technique for this new exhibition: ceramics and gives a new dimension to her sculptures by playing on the ambivalence of strength and fragility. . Femininity and sexuality are at the center of Melissa Ichiuji’s Work. By giving her sculptures assumed postures and sexual attributes, the artist transforms these vulnerable objects into powerful characters through which she addresses social and psychological issues. Thus, if these works attract by their elegance and their colors, they can also repulse by the taboos that they reveal. Moreover, as in his previous work, the body is always at the center of his thinking. This artist deals with the body and the gesture in a very personal way. A professional dancer, Melissa Ichiuji keeps track of the physical experience of her profession and makes her sculptures undergo the same rigor and the same tests required in ballets. Playing with the body movements of her faceless dolls, the artist manages to give them an almost theatrical expressiveness. Through the creation of her intimate and personal sculptures, Melissa Ichuji continues her exploration of themes related to ecstasy, metamorphosis and transcendence. The juxtaposition of soft shapes, hard surfaces and bright colors plays with the attraction and repulsion of psychological tension. By staging these sculptures, hybrid figures at once human, animal and plant, we invite you to come to the gallery Sophie Scheidecker to soak up their soul and imagine their story.